Outsourcing IT services has become a necessity for most healthcare organizations to improve care and remain competitive. There are multiple benefits to outsourcing IT functions in the healthcare sector, including cost savings, improved patient care, and heightened security over medical data.

It is now more important than ever for the healthcare industry to integrate Information Technology as part of their infrastructure. Many healthcare providers find it frustrating to maintain their IT program. IT outsourcing services play a crucial role that produces results taking your practice to the next level. You’ll find outsourcing is easy with Virtual Officeware Healthcare Solutions.

IT Integration

As the healthcare industry evolves, technology has become integral to its operations. With the increasing demand for electronic billing and payment systems, maintaining electronic health records, and implementing cloud computing, IT administration has become one of the most outsourced industries in healthcare.

To prioritize outstanding patient care, healthcare organizations are increasingly seeking external IT experts to manage their complex systems. By outsourcing this critical aspect of their operations, healthcare providers can more effectively devote their time and resources to delivering the best care to their patients.

Intelligent Automation and Accessibility

A medical practice’s schedule is filled with more than treating patients. Sufficient time and staff is needed to closely watch your database and network. Your practice can break free with our hosting services that help keep your network running efficiently without the worry of breaches, maintenance, or downtime.

Get access to athenaPractice™ without the added expense of maintaining networks, servers, and IT personnel. For practices with multiple offices in remote locations, where communication costs can be high, automation is especially valuable.

Reduce office stress by automating your back-ups, maintenance, and software updates. With our hosted managed services, your data is stored in a secured off-site data center, continuously managed by a team of IT professionals trained to spot potential issues. Outsourcing eliminates time-consuming tasks and expensive on-site hardware.

Responsive and Efficient Care Increases Revenue

When you partner with Virtual Officeware Solutions, no data maintenance or operating system upgrades are needed. We handle your system configuration and initial set-up. Server equipment or replacement is not required.

With our low upfront cost hosting services, you’ll have professional IT support when you need it, and reliable access to your protected data from anywhere via high-speed internet. HIPAA compliant encryption with comprehensive firewall features that protect your confidential patient data. Redundant servers, and power sources with reliable internet connectivity deliver maximum up-time and reduce the risk of non-compliance and security breaches.

HR that Makes a Difference

To stay ahead in the healthcare industry, outsourcing HR services is critical. Partnering with a knowledgeable outsourcing healthcare services provider can transform your human resources administration with the implementation of streamlined and effective operations.

In addition, outsourcing HR services can help you with a wide range of services including drafting employee manuals and handbooks, hiring and training employees, and handling paperwork. With outsourcing healthcare services, an in-house HR team isn’t required. This option is particularly beneficial for healthcare businesses with limited resources.

Billing Without the Bother

Healthcare professionals deal daily with enormous amounts of information. Medical coding and billing can be highly intricate and frustrating, leading to costly billing errors. Outsourcing medical billing services is an excellent solution.

When you outsource medical billing with athenaPractice™, your practice has access to a dedicated team of trained professionals equipped to efficiently process billing, saving your business from significant financial loss.

Creating medical bills that meet specific standards for approval and staying up to date with constantly changing regulations is critical for any healthcare practice. Managing billing in-house can be expensive and is often pushed aside or rushed, resulting in high denial rates. That’s where outsourcing to a trusted service provider comes in. By entrusting your billing process to an experienced IT outsourcing company, you can eliminate coding and billing errors, ensure that your patients receive precise and timely billing, and improve your practice’s bottom line.

Improved Patient Care

Improved quality of care and better patient outcomes are a proven benefit of healthcare IT outsourcing. Outsourcing frees up staff time and resources that can be redirected toward clinical care.

By outsourcing routine administrative tasks that are part of every medical practice, healthcare professionals can focus on providing high-quality patient care. The result is improved staff efficiency and productivity, and better patient experience. 

Expert Results

As mentioned above, experience improved patient care, but also, experience financial growth with our highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. No matter how complex, our team excels. With our expertise, you can then devote more time where you want to be – with your patients.

The added benefit is often that your organization thrives financially. Healthcare relies heavily on skilled and informed professionals to provide exceptional care. With an emphasis on personalized service, time is critical to patient satisfaction. Patients want to see their staff, and to feel heard. More time leads to happier patients and practice growth.

Protect your Valuable Medical Data

Patient data is a critical asset that must be protected. With climbing cyberattack rates and AI bots working endlessly to steal your data, taking proactive measures to enhance cybersecurity is non-negotiable in healthcare to protect your patients’ data, and ultimately, the practice you worked to build.

Most healthcare systems struggle with challenges and transformative changes that continue to redefine the way we manage patient care.

In our rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, digital advances have emerged as a key driver in improving patient outcomes and streamlining processes. A key component of this transformation is the integration of automated IT services that simplify the clinician and patient experience. Technology may often be seen as an obstacle to many provider groups. Choosing the right partner will turn this obstacle into efficiency. By embracing technology and leveraging innovative solutions, you can create a more accessible, efficient, and affordable healthcare experience.

Elevate your IT Services

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure offers expansive benefits, including access to the latest technology. With outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about security risks associated with outdated storage options. When a practice invests in an infrastructure, you may put off upgrading, until a solution becomes cost-effective. This can lead to paying for outdated hardware and software and can leave your data vulnerable. By outsourcing, you can ensure that your business has the most recent technology available to protect sensitive information, like patient data.

By partnering with Virtual OfficeWare, you can rest assured that your organization will always have access to the most up-to-date resources and services in the industry, along with a dedicated customer care team guiding you through your journey. We’ve learned a thing or two in our 25 years of healthcare IT experience and are happy to improve physicians’ business, and ultimately, patient outcomes. Contact us at your convenience for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting and see how our services/solutions can benefit your practice.