Medical data is a critical asset of your practice; ensure it’s being protected and managed effectively.

Patient data is a critical asset of your practice; it should not be devalued. With climbing rates of cyberattacks over the last few years, taking proactive measures to enhance cybersecurity is of utmost importance to protect your patients’ data, and ultimately, your business.

We understand your schedule is consumed with a lot more than treating patients, and you may not have enough time or staff to closely watch over your database and network. Our hosting services help keep your network running smoothly and efficiently without the headaches and concern of breaches, maintenance, and downtime that affects your work. Hosting certainly lightens your load without putting a large dent in your budget.

Gain high-speed access to athenaPractice™ without the added expense of maintaining networks, servers and IT staff. Our services are especially valuable for practices that have multiple offices in remote locations, where communications costs become excessive.

Reduce your hassles by automating your back-up process and on-going software maintenance and updates. By utilizing our hosted managed services, we will ensure your network is running, competently. Your data is stored in a secured data center, off-premises and managed 24 x 7 by a team of IT professionals, who monitor the network for problems before they even occur.

Hosting enables the elimination of time-consuming tasks, not to mention expensive hardware/equipment used on-site at your practice that supports your database.

Relinquish the burden and become less stressed by having:

NO Data Maintenance

NO Database & Operating System Upgrades

NO System Configuration Initial Set Up

NO On-Site Server Equipment & Replacement

Avoid paying higher fees for equipment, application upgrades, and general maintenance. Hosting has low up-front costs that support these areas and more. Receive professional IT support as our team of experts proactively manage the performance of these endeavors.  No longer fret having limited IT support on-site or hiring consultants, you are fully supported without employing additional staff on your payroll.

The value of our hosting platform has grown and benefits many of our clients

  • Rapid implementation
  • Reliable high-speed access to your data from anywhere via the Internet
  • HIPAA compliant encryption and firewall features ensure the security of your confidential patient data
  • Redundant servers, power and Internet connectivity ensure maximum up-time
  • Automatic data backups and upgrades
  • Mitigate the risk non-compliance and security breaches

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