Watch me first! – VOW V20 Readiness Webinar

Step 1:  V20 Upgrade

We proudly announce that athenaPractice™ v20 is now generally available!

athenaPractice v20 is an exciting release which brings many new features, clinical content, and enhancements – most notably a fully integrated, cloud-based Medication Management module. This integration not only aligns with required transmission standards but also brings you simplified, modern features, allowing you to more safely transmit prescriptions. In addition, you can now engage with your patients in new ways such as automated text messaging with discounts, education, and pharmacy information.

For any practice prescribing medications electronically or participating in the AUC program, a transition to athenaPractice V20 classic upgrade must be on the schedule by May 1, 2021. The Medication Management implementation must be completed by September 1, 2021. 

What’s changed?
athenaPractice v20 is comprised of new and enhanced features that we believe will be valuable to your practice.   The Release Notes should be carefully read by technical and administrative teams.  Download and read the V20 Release Notes

Technical Planning for V20
Be sure you’re ready from a technical perspective for your athenaPractice upgrade. Click here to review the slides for Technical Requirements for V20.

  • Hardware calculator
  • Configuring environments

STEP 2 of the Upgrade:  Medication Management

Medication Management is an ePrescribing, EPCS, and medication adherence portal accessed from within a patient’s chart. This solution replaces features previously used to manage patient medications and prescriptions.

Start by reviewing some preliminary information regarding Medication Management – Welcome to Medication Management


The steps to activate Medication Management vary depending upon the prescribing performed by your providers. Providers either have non-controlled substance prescribing authority or have clearance to prescribe controlled substances.

Begin activating Medication Management by determining the activation category for your organization depending on the level of prescribing performed. Refer to this document for detailed information – Determining Category Level

-Category 1 – Non-ePrescribing organizations

Category 1 Activation Checklist

Category 1 Activation Guide

-Category 2 – All Prescribers Electronically Prescribing and Existing EPCS Individual Using Imprivata

Category 2 Activation ReadMe

Category 2 Activation Guide

Category 2 Activation Checklist

-EPCS Credential Transfer from Imprivata

EPCS Credential Transfer from Imprivata 6_1 and higher

EPCS Migration Authorized Administrator Form

EPCS Credential Transfer from Imprivata 6_0 and lower

-Category 3 – This category is for EPCS Institutional prescribers.  We do not believe we have any customers in this category.  Contact support if this pertains to you.

-Category 4 – All Prescribers Electronically Prescribing and New EPCS Provider Individual (This would pertain to VirtualScript clients)

Category 4 Activation Checklist

Category 4 Activation Guide

-Category 5 – All Prescribers Electronically Prescribing and Non-EPCS

Category 5 Activation Checklist

Category 5 Activation Guide

-Category 6 – Practice Management only

Category 6 Activation Guide


-Clinic Administrators

Clinic Administrator ReadMe – Welcome to Medication Management

-Front Desk Staff

Front Desk Staff ReadMe – Welcome to Medication Management

Medication Management Guide for Front Desk Staff


Provider ReadMe – Welcome to Medication Management

Medication and Prescription Guide

Pharmacy Messages and Renewals Guide


athenahealth has created many reports to assist you in the transition from your current e-prescribing method to the new Medication Management module through DrFirst.  These reports are available to you now both on the athena Customer Portal and here, on our VOWHS site.  Included in the report zip file is a Read Me document that should be read prior to installing or running any reports.  Instructions for installation can be found in the athena Customer Portal Library.

  • Download V20 Preactivation Reports (zip file)



  • Clinical Content Basic Release Notes
  • Clinical Content Specialty Release Notes