Your time should be spent with patients, not on the phone chasing down payers.

As a provider, you’re aware of how manual authorizations can negatively impact your schedule, revenue, and, most importantly, how it can cause delays in patient care. Through rules-based automation, we help streamline processes and minimize the potential errors and delays that impact speed, revenue, and the quality of the patient experience. We heavily reduce the time and effort it takes to work prior authorizations and allow you to get back to practicing medicine.


Completely integrated solution

Managed by one vendor and one application, there's no need for third-party outsourcing. Authorization Management is completely integrated into your clinical workflow and launches when you place an eligible order.


Authorization Rules Engine

The rules engine is continuously updated with the latest payer requirements and monitored for accuracy, saving you time, and headaches, tracking changes across payers and searching for updates.


Urgent authorizations

Some situations require immediate care. Same-day authorizations are initiated within 2 hours of receipt, and 94% of urgent authorizations are completed within 48-hours.


Authorization Tracker dashboard

Gain complete visibility of the authorization process and the status of your medical authorizations -- any time. View details of individual authorizations and communicate with specialists as needed.

Specialized Ongoing Support and Services


Virtual OfficeWare will work with your practice during initial onboarding to ensure your staff is properly trained and equipped. We will align athenaOne workflows and processes with your existing procedures.

Dedicated Account Team

Virtual OfficeWare will provide a dedicated account team devoted to your practice’s success and adoption of athenaOne throughout every stage of implementation

Extended Services

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