Virtual OfficeWare partners with athenahealth to help Orthopedic practices implement intuitive solutions that deliver measurable financial and clinical results.

It’s a safe bet that you did not become an orthopedic physician for the paperwork

It’s time to off-load that task and reset focus back to medicine. The athenaOne solution along with VOW takes the hassle out of managing payments, scheduling, charting for providers, staff, and patients.

Did you know that athenaOne has helped more than 5,000 orthopedic providers acquire and retain patients, reduce delays in care, and lower costs?

According to many orthopedic providers, PAs are one of their most significant segments of administrative expense. Orthopedic practices spend hours on hold with payers -- until athenahealth and VOW take over the process, freeing staff to focus on higher-value work.

Our integrated services give orthopedic practices the assistance and insight to boost collections, improve reporting, and grow their business.
Learn first-hand how one orthopedic group accomplished this and more.

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