“Everything we did was possible because the software was customizable. We used it to take a look at the flow of the patient and determine what needed to happen.”

Rhonda K. Draper, RN
Director of Patient Care Services
Ortho Northeast

Case Study: Ortho Northeast

athenaPractice™ is an integrated EHR and Practice Management system, helping you manage the entire orthopedic patient and provider experience.  athenaPractice’s™ portfolio helps you address today’s challenges and advance your clinical and financial performance.

Case Study: Children's Ortho

Enhance provider efficiency by:

  • Using rich orthopaedic content designed for physicians
  • Personalizing workflows at the point of care
  • Utilizing flexible data input methods – SimpleChart technology
  • Using data analytics for quality reporting
  • Sharing content through observation terms

Enhance care quality by:

  • Tracking referrals
  • Integrating clinical data into your workflow from other care settings
  • Adhering to comprehensive pre and post-surgical guidelines

Enhance financial performance by:

  • Streamlining payer collaboration
  • Reducing claim cycle time
  • Improving operational decisions through analytics
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