Virtual OfficeWare partners with athenahealth to help Gastroenterology practices implement intuitive solutions that deliver measurable financial and clinical results.

Obtain the most up-to-date patient data

Whether you’re conducting clinic hours, rounding, or prepping on the go, easily access organized data within the patient chart, on your computer or the athenaOne mobile application.

Sophisticated technology keeps things simple for care teams

athenaOne enables more informed care decisions, helping to improve care delivery – all without extra effort on the part of you and your care team. Clinicians need to see the whole picture of patients to succeed in their care. However, a lack of healthcare interoperability gets in the way; therefore, care coordination remains one of the most critical challenges for healthcare providers. athenahealth and VOW help practices navigate this obstacle making it easier for gastroenterologists to:

  • Expand data access across systems
  • Make data more useful for providers and organizations
  • Empower patients to be active participants
Unlock Greater Insights and Collaboration

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