On-Demand Webinars

Below is a list of previous webinars that have been recorded to view on-demand.

The Power of Payment Plans

Learn what your practice can do to ease the stress of unpaid medical bills.



Learn how SwervePay’s integration and workflow with athenaPractice™ (formerly Centricity) helps to accelerate patient payments and allows staff to focus on patient service and satisfaction.


Making it Easier for Patients to Pay You

Improve your practice’s profitability! Learn how Patient Payment Services from POS (Professional Office Services) drive down the cost of collecting your patient-owed balances through Statement Processing, Online Bill Pay and Past Due Notification solutions.



EMR-Link provides the industry’s premiere EHR ordering and result review system– it’s the system of choice of the leading reference labs in the U.S. EMR-Link is integrated with over 400 labs and imaging vendors, nationally. More than just interfaces, EMR-Link along with Centricity’s EHR combines a focus on a simple provider workflow with the rich capabilities to create and send “clean” complete orders to the lab.



Patients spend most of their lives outside the walls of healthcare facilities, and that’s where they make the decisions that truly determine their ability to have healthy outcomes. In this webinar, we discuss how leveraging populations of patient data can help your organization create campaigns that will change the course of the patient engagement journey inside and outside of their visits.


Notify & SurveyPro

This brief webinar demonstrates how these two automated solutions are helping to improve patient engagement and outcomes. Notify eliminates inefficient communication by automating phone calls, text messages, emails, postcards and letters. SurveyPro provides a fully customizable survey and analytics suite; combined with the ability to automate delivery based on any clinical identifier and patient population.


Healthy Outcomes®

Today healthcare providers are held accountable and measured on the outcome success of their patients, and that success is determined by the effectiveness of managing patients outside the visit. Healthy Outcomes® empowers population health management with the unique capability to customize automated patient interventions.

Procedure Fee Update Manager

Intuitive software that reads payer fee information from electronic data sources and applies the information to Centricity™ Practice Management fee schedules.



QuickPay seamlessly integrates to Centricity™ Practice Solution.  It is a simple, yet valuable solution that allows prompt and secure payment entries. With QuickPay, you can quickly post a single payment against today’s visit as well as prior visits with outstanding balances.