Raleigh Neurology Associates discovers the VOWHS service difference

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When Amy Roberts began working two and a half years ago as Director of Health Information Systems at Raleigh Neurology Associates (RNA) in NC, she was a bit concerned about working with a value-added reseller (VAR) of Centricity®.

“I’ve worked in the Centricity space for 15 years,” said Roberts. “When working for an orthopedic practice several years ago, it just so happened that my first day was also the first day of go-live for Centricity. Later, I worked for a third-party portal company and implemented the portal for Centricity practices. Given my familiarity with the system, I wasn’t sure if a VAR would benefit me.”

However, Roberts realized the value of Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions (VOWHS) with the submission of her first service ticket.

“It’s inevitable that service issues will arise. I was blown away that we were able to resolve our ticket so quickly,” recounted Roberts. “Before working with VOWHS, I usually had to wait for weeks or even months for a ticket to be resolved, which was very frustrating and had a direct impact on productivity. VOWHS had the problem solved in no time.”

According to Roberts, “Collaborating with VOWHS has made a significant productivity difference and moved the needle for our practice.” She cited three reasons why she believes VOWHS has had such a tremendous impact on operations:

1. VOWHS is an advocate

“There is no doubt I was skeptical of having a middle-man between me and the software vendor. But, VOWHS is completely invested in our business and goes the extra mile,” reflected Roberts. “They completely understand our needs and issues and have effectively advocated for us to Centricity when we needed it. They understand both sides.”

2. VOWHS knows who we are

Roberts said that VOWHS’s knowledge of the system and workflows has had a considerable impact on issue resolution speed. There is no need to start from scratch with each ticket. And, when you open a ticket, you work with the same group of people, so you develop a comfort level that doesn’t exist when you are dealing directly with a large corporation.

Another benefit of the relationship is that VOWHS makes adjustments to meet Roberts’ specific workflow needs. “They not only give us technical support but workflow advice as well. Communication between the practice and VOWHS is ongoing and has a partnership feel,” said Roberts.

3. VOWHS is hands-on

If there is a critical workflow or technical issue, tickets are quickly triaged and escalated. According to Roberts, “The VOWHS staff will stay on the phone with you and work with you until the issue is resolved.”

Roberts cited another example of VOWHS’s hands-on approach.  RNA recently implemented a product developed by VOWHS that allows multiple documents to be faxed in one batch out of the system. “It has become a huge time-saver for my medical records team,” she commented. Roberts said that there was a smooth roll-out of the new product because VOWHS was hands-on and ensured a successful implementation. When it’s time for a substantial upgrade, VOWHS works with her internal IT department to ensure everything runs smoothly.

VOWHS has helped RNA improve patient care

When Roberts was asked what she would recommend to organizations that were exploring a Centricity VAR, she had this to say: “Working with VOWHS has helped us in so many ways. We have direct contact with the expertise we need to resolve issues promptly. We’ve been able to make workflow adjustments to meet our needs because of their insight. Our practice has improved tremendously, and it’s satisfying to see the positive impact on our staff and our patients.”

Want to learn more about what VOWHS can do for your organization? Contact us today at (412) 424-2260 or visit us at www.vowhs.com.

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