Visual Form Editor Training (VFE)

We are unique in teaching your practice how to use Visual Form Editor (VFE) in a “teach through example” format. Design and modify patient encounter forms that integrate with athenaPractice™.

Training sessions are designed to ensure attendees understand the basic program functionality of form-building.  We will explore item functionality, teach through example, and build skillsets through form building and testing.  We encourage you to have a basic form available you wish to create/modify so that, time permitting, you can tailor it while you learn.

**PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VFE training will take place via video conferencing on a per client request basis.  Four 2-hour sessions will be scheduled with a client once a sales order has been processed and pre-requisite installation has been completed.

After each session, clients can expect to receive:

  • A list of topics covered during the session and
  • A recording of the session for future playback, if available

Clients may register a request to receive Visual Form Editor by clicking the button below.