Ready to switch to the healthcare industry’s most adaptable solution and take your practice to the next level?

If so, let’s introduce you to athenaOne®, an integrated EHR and practice management solution offering clinical, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement capabilities and expert services that help reduce administrative burden. A comprehensive SaaS model that sets itself apart with data-driven insights generated from the largest single-instance, multi-tenant network in healthcare. And because this is a true cloud-based solution, our teams can deliver insights to customers in real-time, helping them deliver exceptional provider and patient experiences while maximizing efficiency, productivity, revenue, and performance.

Why should you consider moving to the athenaOne Service Solution?

No hardware cost

No upgrade fees

No maintenance fees

No licensing costs

No charge for pre-defined standard interface

As the healthcare industry evolves, so do the complexities. Demands from big business and government have created stricter regulations, payer processes, and a different reimbursement model, heavily impacting providers. Other challenges reflect inefficiencies caused by inflation, declining reimbursements, increasing A/R, rising staff shortages/turnover and burnout. As your healthcare partner, it's imperative for us to expand our portfolio to include ample tools, resources and services aligned with the evolving landscape so that you can yield better outcomes; this is the reason we have welcomed the athenaOne solution to our product portfolio. athenaOne is designed to adjust to industry and business changes, and help providers focus on what matters most: patient care.

A trusted network of 140,000 providers

With 140,000+ providers, across 110+ specialties, the athenaOne network is the largest single connected network in healthcare. Utilize Benchmark reporting so you can see your results relative to other groups on the athenahealth network. Generate deep insights that we bring forward directly in staff and provider workflow helping you to control costs, make informed choices about patient care, optimize performance, and more.

Case Studies:

Hear from others that have transitioned from athenaPractice™ to athenaOne.

Independent Physicians of Wisconsin

Tarpon Pain and Spine

Transitioning to athenaOne

When you are ready to transition to athenaOne, VOW will be by your side every step of the way. With VOW’s guidance and knowledge, coupled with insight from a national network as well as powerful analytics, and a team of experts, we will enable your organization to drive clinical, operational, and financial efficiencies enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Transition smoothly at your own pace–within a timeframe that fits your schedule.

VOW will facilitate the transition for existing clients


VOW facilitates the Data Migration/Conversion from athenaPractice (Centricity) to athenaOne.


If desired, VOW will work down your athenaPractice (Centricity) AR while you transition to the athenaOne solution.

“I spend more time with patients. Our collections have increased, and we are growing. I don't think my experience with athena could be any better.”

Dr. Mohammad Q. Khan

Independent Physicians of Wisconsin

VOW Services + athenaOne = Impressive Performance

We complement the athenaOnce solution with our professional services, which encompass a full range of "hands-on" assistance. We understand your practice may be stretched thin, which is why we extend help and can position our expertise at every corner of your office.



Patient Financial


A/R Rundown


Credentialing &


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