Making Your EHR Personal

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There is a new trend in patient engagement and satisfaction that is producing extraordinarily positive results. It is “storytelling.” Storytelling involves a provider getting a short “bio” on his or her patient by asking questions aimed at getting personal information.

When we say personal information, we are not referring to names, addresses, telephone numbers, or any other information seen as private that practices already obtain during its intake routine. Rather, the goal is to derive information on what makes the patient “tick,” or telling the provider a story about his or herself. The goal is for the provider to learn WHO the patient is rather than just HOW the patient is. For example, from the dialogue prompted by the provider, a patient may start narrating what they do for a living or better yet, why they enjoy what they do. The patient may even tell the provider about a favorite memory from his or her past.

With this information recorded during the interaction, providers can create a short page summary of who the patient is, allowing a rapport and relationship to develop faster for the current provider and any others the patient may see in the near future. Benefits of storytelling include the building of empathy in clinicians and a therapeutic experience for the patient. A study conducted with radiologists published by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), found that the simple act of giving a radiologist a picture of the patient along with his or her requisite x-rays resulted in improved accuracy of the radiologist reports. A reduction in errors and more detailed reports were obtained when the radiologists were able to empathize with the patient by getting personal with them via a picture.

Centricity Practice Solution is a fully integrated EHR and Practice Management System that provides rapid data entry and intuitive patient documentation. These features allow physicians and staff to capture any and all information provided by a patient.

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