Virtual OfficeWare is successful because of the guidance and leadership from some of the most experienced and intelligent executives. Our leaders are devoted colleagues who are committed to the success of our clients and customers.


  Joe Macies, Chief Executive Officer

  Joe is a growth oriented C-level executive leading turnaround and fast growing organizations in healthcare and   technology industries from early stage to mature companies. He has a strong record of achieving growth in dynamic   changing environments by building strong cultures, and teams that drive accountability. He is also an expert at   evaluating markets, building brands, creating strong targeted sales funnels and focusing on the   right opportunities.





Jerry Looney, Executive Vice President of Operations

Jerry’s job is to provide overall direction and guidance to the operational activities of VOW. He oversees Support, Training, Implementation as well as other ITPS services. He has been involved in Healthcare IT for over 20 years and enjoys customer interaction, problem solving and delivering great customer satisfaction.





Nicole Milojevic, Vice President of Human Resources

Nicole has the responsibility of managing the overall human resources function at Virtual OfficeWare. Nicole’s team is primarily tasked with providing excellent talent management practices to ensure that Virtual OfficeWare continues to be a HIT employer of choice. Nicole has over 16 years’ experience in developing and implementing human resources initiatives in the areas of recruitment, benefits, compensation, training and compliance.

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