Vision, Mission, and Value System

VOWHS/VRS is dedicated to helping physician practices be more successful, improve patient care and build healthy communities. Though our partnerships and personalized attention, we are a leader in simplifying the business of healthcare and by providing exceptional services, products and technology solutions. Our success is achieved through our commitment to building a positive and healthy environment that fosters strong relationships and excellence among our team members.

Be the leading provider of Healthcare IT services and solutions in the US.

Putting customers, employees and partnerships first through:

Caring: Demonstrating sincere interest and concern for the well-being of others.

Respect: Being honest, transparent, trustworthy and empathetic in our interactions.

Accountability: Taking ownership for my actions and the impact on the success of others through proactive action and thinking.

Collaboration: Working together towards a common goal by supporting one another individually and as team members. Fostering open and clear communication.

Innovation: Expanding the realm of possibilities by listening and understanding our customers’ needs.

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