Federally Qualified Health Center


Performance driven technology enabling drill down reporting and extensive data
capture capabilities make this solution ideal for Community Health Centers.

Improve Health and Cost of Treatment

As the number of uninsured and under-insured patients continues to rise, demand for quality care in Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Centers is at an all-time high. Health centers are expanding their reach and improving their facilities to meet the growing needs of their patients. With Centricity Practice Solution’s Community Health Center Manager, we can help you produce healthier families and communities. You will save time and energy allowing you to remain focused on the care of your patients.

Our solution increases the functionality of Centricity Practice Solution by collecting mandated data that provides detailed reports to help you meet federal FQHC / RHC requirements.

electronic health records
Our interface is easy to use and allows user defined data screens for demographic and encounter-specific data as well as simplified charge entry and payment posting.

electronic health records
Intense reporting capabilities allow thorough data analysis and UDS Reports are updated annually as federal requirements are released.

electronic health records
Synchronize third party software such as dental software into annual UDS reports.

electronic health records
Electronic billing submission and remittance as well as auto generation of claims according to reimbursement rules for HCFAs, UB-04 Claims, UGS Medicare and State Medicaid.

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