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Centricity Practice Solution for Allergists is the leading software used by thousands
of physicians to improve both practice performance and patient outcomes. They appreciate how our performance-driven EHR technology provides the guidance
and clinical content necessary to enhance their quality of care.

Centricity Practice Solution for Allergists

We designed Centricity Practice Solution for Allergists to be your all-in-one solution for delivering efficient and effective care. Our solution was developed by integrating Rosch Immunotherapy and GE Healthcare Centricity Practice Solution, offering better results at the beginning, during and after the point of care.
Virtual OfficeWare combines allergy-specific clinical content developed by Allergy professionals with the existing workflow in CPS, providing electronic forms directly embedded within the EHR. These integrated forms allow clinical staff to access evidence, guidance on procedures such as order sets, transitions that follow clinical workflow, and other interventions. The intuitive One-Click Problem Entry, interface to Rosch Immunotherapy and Rapid Data Entry gives Allergists an advantage.

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