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Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions is excited to offer our most highly attended webinars now in a Flash video format, accessible when and where you want it. Your time is valuable and your schedule hectic, these webinars are available 24/7 for you to view. Receive all the benefits of a live webinar without having to log on at a specific time. Play, pause, rewind or fast forward, you control the pace.

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Latest Webinars


EMPA (Electronic Medication Prior Authorization) helps increase provider efficiency and enhances care quality. Clinical teams spend less time responding and approvals often are received before patient arrives at pharmacy!

Speed Up your Patient Registration

The Clearwave Solution is a fully integrated solution with GE’s Centricity Practice Solution. Clearwave allows patients to check in, remit payments, scan driver’s license and insurance cards, all at the kiosk or on their mobile phone. A self-registration service enabling faster patient check-ins and better quality data!


See what you may be missing from your current clearinghouse! Learn how C-EDI revs up your revenue performance. Enhanced capabilities provide preventative measures, diagnostic reporting and streamlines processes and workflows.

Denial Management

In this webinar you will learn how to assess your practice’s current denial process for effectiveness, identify revenue types and diagnosis code ranges that are at the highest risk of denials, and develop one strategy to prevent diagnosis related denials.

Revenue Cycle Management

The typical medical practice is less effective when it comes to managing external and internal revenue drivers. This webinar shares insight on how outsourcing your billing may just be the answer to improving your collections, workflows, efficiency and cash flow. Watch now to learn how Virtual Revenue Solutions (VRS), a complete financial organization, provides help!

Provider Credentialing

The amount of time spent on collecting and completing credentialing paperwork seems endless. Even worse, your practice is likely mismanaging the paperwork and processes which can result in lost revenue. Our experts will see the process through from the application request until your provider(s) are participating in a network and receiving reimbursements. You submit credentialing documentation to us one time and we’ll keep it on file to enroll you in the networks of your choosing. Let us deal with all the paperwork so you can focus on patients.


MultiDoc is a secure, accessible fax server. It’s a Centricity-integrated application and improves efficiency as well as patient care through timely information exchange.

Integrated Products

Dragon Voice Recognition

Integrate speech recognition into your EHR workflow. Dragon Medical software enhances clinical performance and practice productivity. Dragon’s speech recognition will optimize patient documentation, demonstrate Meaningful Use, accelerate EHR adoption and reduce transcription costs.

ezAccess Patient Portal

From helping practices meet Meaningful Use to improving the patient care experience, patient portals are becoming essential to enhance healthcare delivery. This web-based tool designed to enhance communication and streamline interactions between physicians and patients, results in higher office productivity and profitability.

Finance Charge Manager

Finance Charge Manager automatically calculates charges on overdue balances. The charges appear on statements and are produced within the Centricity Practice Management System like other patient balances.

Procedure Fee Update Manager

Procedure Fee Update Manager is a flexible utility that reads payer fee information from electronic data sources and applies the information to Centricity Practice Management fees. Automate updates and save time with Procedure Fee Update Manager!


Post payments and miscellaneous charges to patient accounts without accessing the billing component within Centricity Practice Management. QuickPay is quite the time saver and adds additional security over payment entry.

Visual Note and CentriView

VisualNote is an application that allows users to draw directly on pre-defined templates with easy to use tools. Customize your EHR encounter templates and forms to incorporate annotated diagrams into your workflow. Save the completed diagram to the EHR chart with a single click.
CentriVew enables providers to review multiple images within a patient’s electronic chart all in one location. Simply and conveniently view internal images saved within the EHR as well as external images stored out n the network all at the same time.


Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat for ICD-10

Did you take your foot off the gas in your ICD-10 preparation? It’s time to restart your engines if you want to be in the winner’s circle in October of 2015.
Smart practices are using technology–the advanced functions in their software to make the transition a victory lap and not a grind. Practices must increase the specificity of their current diagnosis coding, and throw away old tools and processes. Medical practices today also need a software program that will make it easy for physicians and coders to translate from ICD-9 to ICD-10, and search both dictionaries using clinical language.

Centricity EDI

Centricity EDI Services streamlines financial operations, provides greater insight into financial performance, and helps you identify any issues before they disrupt or delay payments. C-EDI fully integrates workflow for eligibility, claim, and remittance data into your revenue cycle solution, helping you improve efficiency and optimize profitability. This service interfaces directly with Centricity Practice Solution, creating an intuitive and total channel that encompasses all of your billing activity.

EHR System Utilization Review

As healthcare providers, you all know how important an annual check-up can be for patients. But, did you know that an annual check-up is just as important for your Centricity EHR system? View this recording to learn how an EHR System Utilization Review sets a course of action to improve the use of your EHR application, aligned with your practice’s goals.

Meaningful Use & ICD-10 Systems Review

With deadlines fast approaching, your practice needs to be proactive about meeting compliance. This webinar reviews the imposed healthcare regulations in 2014 and what to expect from our Meaningful Use and ICD-10 System Reviews. Our professional services are growing more and more popular by the day and have already helped our clients receive their entitled monies and maintain compatibility with industry policy.


Centricity Practice Solution for Allergists

Learn the functionality of Centricity EHR relative to Allergists. Allergy specific clinical content is highlighted during a patient encounter providing an overview of how content increases efficiency and enhances the allergy workflow along with clinical performance.

Centricity EHR for Ophthalmologists

Learn the functionality of Centricity EHR relative to Ophthalmologists. Ophthalmology specific clinical content is highlighted during a patient encounter providing an overview of how content increases efficiency and enhances the ophthalmic workflow along with clinical performance.

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